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Enhance Your Netflix Experience
With This Free App

Enhance Your Netflix Experience With This
Free App

Which Titles Are ACTUALLY New? What Will Be Removed Soon?
And So Much More...


What’s Actually New On Netflix? And What’s Being Removed Soon?

We’ve all seen it!

Netflix manipulating its algorithm. The “new” section is FULL of their own productions. And they stay there for weeks on end. This self-promotion causes you to miss out on countless titles. You’re not fooling anyone Netflix!

They also don’t inform you of what’s expiring soon. Maybe you’ve just begun a new series.You’re hooked and are planning a Saturday binge. But out of nowhere, “BAM”, it’s gone. Nowarning, just fairy dust.

    Enter, WhatsOnFlix’s Augmented Discovery Feature:
  • Shows you ALL new movies and shows, not just Netflix originals
  • You’ll only see what’s ACTUALLY new.
  • Reveals what will expire soon
  • Gives you a list of what has been removed already
  • Lets you check out upcoming titles. And plan out what you will watch next
  • Optional push notifications. Alerts you to what is new and expiring each day


An Engine With More Juice

Let’s say you’re in the mood for a Clint Eastwood movie. You want to bask in his badassery. Can’t blame you there

You use your remote to tediously type out his name. You press search and...

Not a Clint Eastwood Film in sight! Sure, the algorithm spits out a bunch of Westerns. But you don’t want just any cowboy movie. You want Clint kicking some ass.

Wouldn’t you rather it say “no results”? Better than sifting through tons of “Eastwoddless” titles.

    Use WhatOnFlix’s Enhanced Search Algorithm
  • Utilize a full-text search engine for precise matches
  • Easily find exact titles, actors, directors, etc
  • Combine your search with advanced filters
  • Don’t waste time clicking buttons on your TV remote. Swiftly type on your smartphone instead


Learn More Before You Watch

Netflix really skimps on the details. Summaries are too short. They don’t provide ratings.
And most of the actors aren’t listed.

Sure you get a “matching score”. But what the hell is that based on? Has this really ever helpedyou?

    WhatsOnFlix Gives You The Intel You Need:
  • Integrated with IMDb for your convenience
  • Provides you with in-depth summaries
  • Displays overall ratings given by other viewers
  • What’s that actor’s name again? Easily find out with the enhanced detail pages


Dive Into A New Series With Confidence

You click on a show out of curiosity. You want to know more about the series. But you only see a small paragraph or 2. How can you commit with that little of info? The season and episode summaries are even thinner. So you pull out Google and manually search.

Fast forward a few weeks. You’ve reached the last available episode and are eager for more. Unfortunately, Netflix never lets you know when a new season is coming.

    WhatsOnFlix Detailed Guides:
  • Give you full details on a series before you dive in
  • Provide better season and episode summaries
  • BONUS: When you set up an account, you can create a watchlist. You’ll get notified when your selections get a new episode/season. Or are expiring soon

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Markus P. wrote at Google Play Store

Since I found the app, I've been using it every day and now finally have full access to my Netflix library, because I've been completely overwhelmed by the offer so far.

Elaine wrote at Google Play Store

Top! Must have for Netflix users: The app provides optimal information about the latest, upcoming films with a reminder function and shows what is about to leave Netflix and should be seen quickly. I use the app every day. Really made with love.

NeoX2K5 wrote at Apple App Store

Great app !! Highly recommended !! What I really appreciate is that WhatsOnFlix lists each film presentation in which languages ​are available, whether only English as subtitles or also the audio! Thanks for the great app!

planet2050 wrote at Apple App Store

I find WhatsOnFlix very useful to get an overview of what new series + films are being added to Netflix and - most importantly for me - what will be released shortly. Whenever I think about what I want to watch next on Netflix, I first look here to see whether series or films from my watchlist will be banned from Netflix in the future. I have often been able to watch series that I would otherwise have missed!

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Netflix should be a relaxing experience. The last thing you want is to sift through countless titles. Never getting enough info about the show or movie.

WhatsOnFlix is the ultimate companion app. The advanced search functions, full detail pages, and easy-to-use interface save you time and stress.

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